Every premium opportunity starts with something great at its core and everything at Cook Door is the culmination of the vision, life experiences, education, personal philosophies, talents, culinary explorations and love of its founders, from a family business to a share holding co.

Cook Door first opened in Safir- Heliopolis, in 1988, today; the chain has become one of the leading quick-service restaurants, in Egypt and the MENA region.

Cook door brings passion to the dining experience, a passion that is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant's operations. It is a passion that is tangible in the quality of the ingredients, in the composition of each sandwich, and in the warmth and smiles of each member of the staff. Even before picking up a menu at Cook Door, this harmony of approach to all things connected to the restaurant is so real; you feel the taste of it.

We invite you to experience how this history, process and philosophy combine to create a great restaurant and a great dining experience; we invite you to be part of our success…
Welcome to our Cook Door.

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